Renting your Sit-eCar

Sometimes we find it’s difficult to get around even though we’re not directly ill. Or we’re simply getting older and find that our mobility is increasingly impaired.

Often it’s simply not worthwhile buying a mobility scooter outright. And this is why:

- You can make a short-term rental of a Sit-eCar for extra mobility in exploring your town or city,    going on holiday or taking part in family celebrations.
- Rent a Sit-eCar for a longer period following illness or rehabilitation.

Rental Rates for a Sit-eCar:

A cash deposit of € 300
A one-off charge of € 30 for delivery, collection, operating guidance etc.
Rental price per day: €30
Rental price per week: €120

For institutions who themselves wish to offer Sit-eCars for rental,
we also offer a one-of-a-kind rental and service package.

Just ask us about it!


For more information on renting mobility scooters click here for the Rehabund homepage!